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Genera Studios Forums - Music Marketing & More

I just launched the brand new Genera Studios forums! One of the main reasons I launched the forums was to provide a place for people to learn more about music marketing from myself and others. From my YouTube channel I get a lot of comments, emails, and DM's from people asking questions. While I did create a Discord to make it easier for people to connect, a forum provides another way to communicate thats even more useful long term. 

Check it out:

Even though the initial focus was to make a music marketing forum, it made sense to also provide sections for music production, recording, and fun sub-forums. So whether you want to ask questions about Facebook ads, branding, mixing and mastering, or just chat about video games you'll find something there. 

One thing i've learned from my YouTube channel is that there are some very talented and successful musicians watching my content, and most of them are eager to help other artists achieve the same thing. So while i'll be participating in the forums, long term the golden-nugget truly will be the community. 

Lastly, the Discord server isn't going away! Discord is just a vastly difference experience from a forum and each have their own benefits. So if Discord is more your style, check that out as well:

If you haven't heard about my Spotify Growth Machine course, where I show you how to grow your Spotify following using Facebook ads, check it out here: