Spotify Growth Machine

Accelerate Your Spotify Growth using Facebook Ads

Trigger The Algorithm

Spotify wants you to send traffic to the platform, and rewards you with algorithmic placements

Step-by-Step Learning

I'll guide you through each step of the Facebook Ad creation process

Optimize and Scale Your Growth

Whether you have $5/day to spend or $50/day, you'll learn how to get the most out of every dollar

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YouTube Growth Machine

Accelerate Your YouTube Growth

Learn the exact formula I used to grow my YouTube channel to 42,000+ subscribers organically.+ How to use YouTube ads to promote your music videos.

Grow Your YouTube Channel

Learn how to make YouTube videos that hold viewers attention and grow your channel.

Music Creator Focused

Unlike other YouTube courses, this one is specifically designed for music creators.

Promote Your Music Videos

Learn how to use YouTube ads to promote your music videos and retarget your audience.

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