Elektron Octatrack Side Panels / Stand (Mk2 / Mk1)

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Are you tired of having to lean over your Octatrack to see the screen? Our stand positions the Octatrack at a 20 degree angle which makes it comfortable to use both sitting and standing. Perfect for users who like to sit back, relax and make some jams on their machine but also for users who stand while they play.

Despite the simple design there are some useful features built into this stand. The gap between the 'feet' was designed to be large enough to slide your fingers through and pick up the unit safely, and the front of the unit is raised so you can pass cables under the unit from the front. Also, the screws are recessed for a clean look and rubber feet are used to prevent the unit from sliding around while playing.

  • Compatible and tested with Elektron's Octatrack Mk2 (it should also fit the Mk1, but we don't own one to test on). 
  • CNC cut out of 1/2" Cherry Hardwood
  • Choose a stain color, or go for a natural look (if you want to stain / paint it yourself)
  • Comes with rubber feet so it doesn't slide on your desk (pre-installed on the stained versions, on-the-side for the natural version)
  • Comes with screws to attach to your Octatrack

***Octatrack NOT included - in case that wasn't clear.***

PLEASE NOTE: All Genera Studios physical products are homemade, and each one is unique despite the usage of CNC machines. Due to abrading, various wood grains, finishes and the hand-crafted nature of our physical products, variations and minor imperfections can occur. 

**If you lose your screws or want to use your own hardware, be very careful that they don't protrude more than 5mm into the unit or you risk damaging your Octatrack. Even when using the screws supplied with the side panels, if you feel resistance screwing the side panels on STOP and make sure they aren't going in too deep. We aren't liable if you break your Octatrack, and we really don't want to see anyone doing that. We're human and we make mistakes**

If you'd like to request a quote for a custom variation or design, feel free to reach out to andrew@generastudios.com for a quote.