Review: Dehumaniser 2 by Krotos Audio

Dehumaniser 2 by Krotos Audio is an amazing plugin designed for extreme vocal sound design. With Dehumaniser 2 you can design monster voices, goblin voices, radio voices, demon voices, and a whole lot more. Being someone who does extreme vocals and vocal processing, I REALLY wanted to check this plugin out so i'm very glad that Krotos was able to get me a copy for review. If you're interested Dehumaniser 2 is available now for $399 here.

They also have a more minimalistic version called Simple Monsters for only $99, if you don't need all the functionality of Dehumaniser 2. Thats available here.

Dehumaniser 2 Specifications

  • 100 amazing presets

  • 133 high-quality animal recordings to spice things up

  • 10 Effect Modulus

  • Incredibly powerful node-based interface

  • Up to 192 kHz

  • iLok Activation, no dongle required

  • Works in Logic, Live, Cubase, Reaper, Digital Performer, and Pro Tools (probably more)

Dehumaniser 2 Sounds

I made a video playing around with Dehumaniser 2. In the video I got through a lot of presets while making vocal sounds, mostly just having a ton of fun in the process. Near the end I also try to make my own patch, which is where I realized the depth of this plugin - I need to read the manual! Take a look at the video to hear some of the absolutely incredible vocal sound effects you can make.

Total Score: 5/5

The best vocal sound design tool i've ever used

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