Review: Pulsar Falcon Expansion by UVI

Pulsar is the newest expansion pack for Falcon by UVI, featuring futuristic basses, leads, atmospheres, pads, FX and more. Pulsar is priced at $39 like their other expansions and is available now from UVI.

First of all if you've never heard of Falcon by UVI, stop what you're doing and go buy it right now (or wait until they run a holiday sale). In my opinion Falcon is the most powerful software synthesizer on the market, featuring 15 oscillators, over 80 effects, a sample engine that rivals Kontakt, and a scripting language / drag and drop GUI macro designer. Falcon Expansions are similar to preset packs for something like Serum, except they often also contain samples and custom GUIs - so its almost like a getting a synth Kontakt library at the same time.

Pulsar in particular takes full advantage of the synthesizer functionality of Falcon - utilizing its wavetable, virtual analog, and physical modeling synthesis engines.

How Does Pulsar Sound?

As you might imagine by the subtitle, 'Futuristic Electronic Sounds', the pack focuses on modern sounds. However I found that you can use the presets in a whole bunch of applications, even purposefully trying to make something kind of in an 80's synth-wave vibe.

This is a demo video I made exploring the sounds of Pulsar by jamming on the presets, this should give you an overall vibe of the sound this expansion can produce - I think its awesome!

Score: 5/5 Stars

Great sounds for a great synth!

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