Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is to help you understand what type of data we collect at Genera Studios, and what we do with your data once we have it.


What types of data do we collect?

The types of data we collect on our site(s) can be summarized into two categories, personal data and payment data. Personal data typically includes name and email address, but may also include your address and other information. Payment data is information you enter to process your payments, and we never directly see this data. Payment information is processed through a 3rd party payment gateway such as Selz, Stripe, Paypal or others. When you make a payment we'll see your order, the price, and what products you purchased, but we don't actually see your credit card number.

What do you we do with your data?

Personal information is collected to send you your product downloads, keep track of your purchases, and to send you information on other products and offers (but not limited to these options). The data you enter on our site(s) is only accessible by Genera Studios, but it is possible that a 3rd party will assist us with our website and may temporarily have access to your data - if that is the case they will have to agree to keep your information confidential. Your data is never sold.

All of our site(s) are SSL encrypted, and payment information is processed through a 3rd party payment gateway. We use these and other security measures to ensure your data is protected.

At any time you may contact us directly at to learn what data we have on file for you, and request to delete that data. In addition to this, any emails containing marketing information will have an unsubscribe link at the bottom so you can stop receiving emails. Just keep in mind that if you purchase a product or get a free product in the future, you'll end up receiving emails from us to receive your downloads.



The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have emails stopped from being sent to them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.

To be in accordance with CAN-SPAM we agree to the following:

If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, you can email us at and we will promptly remove you from ALL correspondence.

In the event of a data breach:

While very unlikely, it is possible for a data breach to occur. In the event that this happens we will inform those affected within 7 days of us learning of the breach.



We hope that you realize that its in our best interest to keep your data private, because your trust in our business directly affects your willingness to do business with us at all. If you have any concerns please reach out to us directly at We're a small company but we strive to be compliant with all the laws relevant to our business, so if you notice anything we're not doing that we should be doing, we'd seriously love to hear from you so we can fix any issues.

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