Terms And Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The purpose of this page is to inform you of your usage rights, and the purchase terms of Genera Studios products. 


While our products are 100% royalty free in our eyes, it's important for you to understand what royalty free actually means. Online people don't always agree, and it's not really defined in the courts yet. So we want to make it as clear as possible here. If your application is not covered here, please reach out directly to us to make sure you'll be following the rules before purchasing! 

You CAN (and should) use any Genera Studios product in your commercial applications. This includes inside your own music released physically, as a download, or on a streaming platform. You may also use Genera Studios products on licensed compositions, for beats or placements. Any commercial or non-commercial usage of our products must contain enough layers in the composition so that the raw Genera Studios assets are not extractable on their own (basically, don't make a 15 second song that ONLY features one of our guitar loops and call it your song - however throw some drums and a bass line on that guitar loop and you're all good).

You CAN NOT distribute, for free or for payment, any Genera Studios products, in part or in full, or any derivatives thereof. This means you CAN NOT use our products to create a new derivative product (sample pack, preset pack, Kontakt library, etc). This also means you CAN NOT release a STEM version of a licensed beat, where one of the layers has only Genera Studios samples on it. If you must export this track as a stem for a client, they must purchase a license - you may also reach out to use directly and we will either approve or make special discounts for special circumstances. It's entirely possible we will just give you approval to transfer it for free, we don't want to make your life hard we just want to protect our hard work. 

Note that our Kontakt libraries may contain source code assets included, which are left in as a reference - feel free to learn and adapt to create your own! In some cases we are using an open source library to create our libraries, and that means you can utilize our code to make your own products! However, in either case you CAN NOT use the audio samples or the visual assets (wallpapers, knob files). 


Refund Policy:


All Genera Studios products have a full 100% Money Back Guarantee within 14 days of purchase if you aren't satisfied with your purchase. One refund per person. To receive your refund contact andrew@generastudios.com.


Support Policy:

If you have any issues with our products, or need to talk to us for any of the reasons listed above please reach out to us directly at: andrew@generastudios.com

We aim to reply within 24 hours, but we are a small company. If it takes longer please be patient. Most support questions we get involve Kontakt issues, and usually we just Google the problem and detail it back to the customer - so please try that yourself before reaching out to save some time!