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Geek Boy - In My Heart

Geek Boy - In My Heart

Multi-platinum producer / DJ Geek Boy dropped his energetic future bass jam 'In My Heart' on June 5th, 2020. The track opens with a calm and beautiful piano progression, with a somewhat lo-fi and atmospheric vibe behind it. It slowly builds up with the song's characteristic vocal chop pattern, leading to a super satisfying drop that I find is 100% worth the wait. 

If you're a fan of someone like San Holo, or other future bass artists that blend organic elements into their electronic productions, I think you'll love this.

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Artist Bio:

Manchester-based DJ/Producer Geek Boy's bleeding-edge and unique sensibilities have been catching the ears of some of the most influential names in EDM. Having worked with a diverse range of artists such as the godfather of nu-skool breaks, Adam Freeland, to LA based trip-rock duo 8mm, rave veteran FeralisKinky and to UK breakbeat legend Krafty Kuts, his fusion of retro 8-bit melodies and urban electro has been embraced by prominent tastemaker DJs such as BBC Radio One's Toddla T, Mistajam and Kissysellout.

Recently we’ve seen him extend his skill sets and collaborations to pop artists and genres outside of the EDM realms. His work and involvement within Kpop and Jpop has resulted in him producing some of their biggest names, which include, EXO, Taeyon, Kis My Ft 2, Doberman Infinity and Arashi.

Too date his tracks have garnered tens of thousands of plays on SoundCloud, millions of views on Youtube and Spotify and received many favourable reviews from influential blogs in the world of EDM such as YourEDM.com and uk.complex.com .for his“ Troubled Water “E.P. Geek Boy's growing heat factor is no coincidence if what we’ve heard is anything to go by.


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