GS Update - New website, new store!

GS Update - New website, new store!

Today is an exciting day! For the longest time the Genera Studios site was run off of both Wix and Selz - so our main site was not integrated with our store. This was largely due to starting with Wix, realizing it couldn't support the features we needed, and using Selz to support those features. 

For example, Wix only supports 1GB file sizes and doesn't really support free products....

While our Wix/Selz hybrid store technically did everything we needed in terms of file delivery, there were many issues:

  • It wasn't a seamless experience
  • The product pages on Selz were very weak, so we had pages on our main site that linked to the store product page
  • Updating and maintaining these separate pages was a nightmare
  • Users couldn't create accounts to see their orders and access them from their accounts
  • Wix is known for mediocre SEO
  • We couldn't create one-time use per-customer vouchers

All of these reasons, and a whole lot more back-end and business reasons lead to us switching our entire site over to Shopify. 

With the integration of many apps, we now have a website with an integrated store, all the features we wanted, and a TON of future growth opportunity. We're still updating pages as we go, but some products pages have been fully updated and they're BEAUTIFUL! I'm so stoked about how Genera Studios looks now (also you may have noticed our new product images, which are also beautiful haha). 

To celebrate this change, and to reward customers who shop with us during this transition for dealing with the inevitable bugs that crop up - we're running a huge sale for the next week!

So take advantage of the great prices while they last, and please bear with us as we deal with any technical issues. If anything happens contact us at and we'll make sure you're taken care of! 

To prepare for this launch, we've also created a backlog of new products and new freebies! So every week for the next few weeks we'll be launching something new!

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