How Do You Go To NAMM?

How Do You Go To NAMM?

I went to NAMM 2020, and it was my first time every attending NAMM. I wanted to share what its like and how you might be able to also go to NAMM. Here's my video on the matter: 


How do you go to NAMM? 

You have to be in the music industry in some way. If you make music gear, hardware or software, or if you own an online or physical music store you can go. If you are in media, either a music magazine, blog, or have your own YouTube channel you can go. If you're sponsored by a company that attends, they can also get you tickets.


What do you do at NAMM? 

One of the most exciting aspects of NAMM is seeing the new gear that companies have coming out, and in many cases getting to try it out. Another awesome aspect is the many classes offered throughout the day. Next is of course the networking and social aspect, interacting with thousands of other people that also share your passion for music and gear.

Of course if you're going for a company, you might just be standing at a booth all day. Theres nothing wrong with that, and you still will meet a lot of like-minded people who also love music. Hopefully your company lets you explore a little bit though.

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