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NAMM 2020: Apogee has announced Symphony Desktop, a 10-in/14-out audio interface that promises to blend the sound quality of the existing Symphony I/O MkII with the simplicity of its more affordable Duet and Quartet interfaces. This is the most affordable Symphony product ever, but still packs in flagship A/D converters and mic preamps, a dynamic touchscreen and a single control knob. One of the big potential highlights is the hybrid Alloy Mic Preamp emulation, which uses both analogue circuitry and DSP processing to create what Apogee is calling “the richest, most authentic audio modeling available in an audio interface”. Emulations of both...

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Recently I went through the process of releasing physical copies of my music for the first time, and in this process I had the joy of learning about Gracenote. What is Gracenote? - I hear you ask. Well... I hope you're strapped in for something that seems incredibly stupid in 2019.  To make it very simple, have you ever wondered how iTunes and other audio players on your computer seem to understand what songs and artists are on that CD you just bought? If you're like me and use Spotify, you might have forgotten about that entirely! Well, that 'technology'...

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