NAMM 2020: Qu-Bit Announces Surface, Data Bender, Aurora and Cascade Eurorack Modules

NAMM 2020: Qu-Bit Announces Surface, Data Bender, Aurora and Cascade Eurorack Modules

Qu-Bit has announced 4 very exciting Eurorack modules during NAMM 2020. There is Surface, Data Bender, Aurora, and Cascade. I got a pretty great demo at NAMM by a dude named Robot, and I can't wait for these modules to hit stores!

Qu-Bit NAMM 2020 Eurorack Modules

Surface is a multi-timbral physical modeling voice. Its output ranges from plucked strings and marimbas, all the way to FM drums. Each model features stereo outputs and up to eight unique voices that can be active at a time.

Qu-Bit Surface Eurorack Modules NAMM 2020

  • Physical Modeling Voice
  • Multi-Timbral
  • 8 Voice Polyphony
  • Stereo outputs
  • Size: 10HP
  • MSRP: $299
  • ETA: March 2020


Data Bender is a circuit bent digital audio buffer. It is inspired by the ways in which audio equipment can fail. The sounds of skipping CDs, software bugs, and defective tape machine playback are all accessible. The audio buffer can hold up to five minutes of stereo audio, providing a sonic canvas capable of infinite surprises and discovery.

Qu-Bit Data Bender Eurorack Modules NAM 2020

  • Circuit bent digital audio buffer
  • Skipping CDs, software bugs, old tape machine, scratched records
  • Up to five minutes of stereo sampling time
  • Stereo IO
  • Size: 14HP
  • MSRP: $349
  • ETA: May 2020


Aurora is a spectral reverb with true stereo IO. It features a lush reverb algorithm, and a phase vocoder audio engine allowing for spectral transformations of the incoming sound. You can freeze the input signal in the time or frequency domain with the press of a button or gate input. In addition, the reverb time extends all the way to infinity at its highest setting. The Aurora feels right at home on an effects send or in the middle of a voice as a creative sound design tool.

Qu-Bit Aurora Eurorack Module NAMM 2020

  • Spectral Reverb With True Stereo IO
  • Phase Vocoder Audio engine
  • Freeze sound in time or frequency domain
  • Reverb time goes to infinite feedback
  • Size: 12HP
  • MSRP: $299
  • ETA: April 2020


Cascade is a ratcheting envelope generator featuring burst generation, a flexible curve parameter, and two discrete level controls. Freeze allows you to lock the output voltage exactly where it is with the press of a button or a gate input. The Cascade can be transformed into several other modes, including ASR, ADSR, dual AD, and a gravity-based bouncy-ball mode.

Qu-Bit Cascade Eurorack Module NAMM 2020

  • Ratcheting envelope generator
  • Dual Outputs
  • AD, ASR, and Cycling modes
  • End of attack and cycle gate outputs.
  • Size: 10HP
  • MSRP: $199
  • ETA: June 2020

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