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Qu-Bit has announced 4 very exciting Eurorack modules during NAMM 2020. There is Surface, Data Bender, Aurora, and Cascade. I got a pretty great demo at NAMM by a dude named Robot, and I can't wait for these modules to hit stores! Surface is a multi-timbral physical modeling voice. Its output ranges from plucked strings and marimbas, all the way to FM drums. Each model features stereo outputs and up to eight unique voices that can be active at a time. Physical Modeling Voice Multi-Timbral 8 Voice Polyphony Stereo outputs Size: 10HP MSRP: $299 ETA: March 2020   Data Bender...

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In addition to the exciting NAMM 2020 news of 2hp's Lunchbox Eurorack case, they also announced 3 new Eurorack modules for 2020. A class looper module called Loop, a compressor with side-chain functionality called Comp, and a time-domain pitch-shifter called Pitch. Loop Sound on sound looper with 5 minute audio buffer. Record button can be CV controlled. Audio specs: 48kHz, 24 bit. MSRP: $149 ETA: April 2020   Comp Compressor with side chain functionality. MSRP: $129 ETA: May 2020   Pitch Time domain pitch shifter with flutter control. CV control on tone, mix, and V/Oct Pitch control. MSRP: $119 ETA:...

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2hp have announced a portable 42HP Eurorack case called Lunchbox, which will be available standalone, with power, or stuffed with modules. Pricing hasn't been placed on their website, but rumor has it the standalone will be only around $50! Image Credit: 2hp If you aren't familiar with 2hp they make Eurorack modules (a type of synthesizer format) sized to be only 2hp wide (in Euroroack the size of a module is determined by horizontal pitch or HP). While they aren't the only company in the world making portable Eurorack cases, they have a unique spin on it that is at...

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