Spitfire Audio Kepler Orchestra

Spitfire Audio Kepler Orchestra

After a series of very cryptic social media messages in the past few days, Spitfire Audio has sent out a free download via email with a demo Kontakt library called the Kepler Orchestra.

Now the library has been full launched, and they've done some incredible things in regards to combining orchestral samples with pre-written loops. The Kepler Orchestra is built on the foundation of their Evolution Grid, allowing the user to select various articulations and 'moods' for different sections of the keyboard, resulting in some pretty amazing patterns as you play. The second type of patch included in the Kepler Orchestra is based off of their Mercury Synth GUI, which includes treated samples that allow the user to blend orchestral with the functionality of a synthesizer.

Check out this walkthrough by Spitfire Audio's Paul Thompson:

This library is more about achieving a specific goal than providing a broad-use orchestral library, something that Spitfire has been doing a lot lately (I think its great). Theirs a million great orchestral libraries out there, and Spitfire Audio has made a great name for themselves in that arena, but the Kepler Orchestra is part of a line of Kontakt libraries they have that are truly one-of-a-kind. If you find the sounds to be inspiring then I highly recommend you check out the Kepler Orchestra and see if its for you: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/kepler-orchestra/

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