Alpha Production Suite

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What is ALPHA?

Alpha is the largest sample pack we've ever created, and the Alpha Suite is the best deal we've ever offered.

With Alpha we wanted to experiment with an idea: what if we made a great sample pack, but limited the distribution so that the samples hold their value? After all, if everyone has the same great sounds, they're not so great anymore...

The sound of Alpha can best be described as a hybrid between future bass and chillwave, with an emphasis on acoustic sound sources.

More than 50% of Alpha's sounds were created either through a microphone, or through a line input. So you'll find plenty of acoustic and electric guitar loops, but in addition to this almost all of the drums were made out of sounds recorded through a microphone (but not using a drumset).

Alpha sounds unique because it is unique - and it will stay unique because only 250 people in the world will ever have it.

Then it's gone forever...

Made 100% With Alpha

Included in Alpha:

Drums: 164 One-Shots, 80 Loops
Synths: 116 Loops, 20 One-Shots
FX: 36 Samples
Ambient/Foley: 25 Samples
MIDI: 34 MIDI Files

Vocals: 32 Loops and One-Shots
Acoustic Guitar: 21 Loops, 11 One-Shots
Electric Guitar: 27 Loops, 2 One-Shots
Piano: 10 Loops, 7 One-Shots
​Serum Presets: 29 Serum Presets

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Bonus #1: Mellow Guitars
$29 Value

Mellow Guitars is a collection of 22 melodic guitar loops designed to be entire song starters. One of the easiest ways to write a new beat - throw on a Mellow loop, add your own drums and some bass. BAM.

Includes both dry and wet versions for each of the 22 loops.
24-bit WAV files, Royalty Free

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Bonus #2: Moment For Serum
$27 Value

30 Serum presets mixing between chillwave, future bass, and chillstep genres of EDM. From beautiful pads to aggressive basses, Moment will make a great addition to your preset bank.

Note: You must have Xfer Serum to use these presets.

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Bonus #3: Ambient Guitars
$47 Value

Ambient guitars is your go-to destination for one-shot chords of ambient guitars. We designed this pack with the purpose of loading these into a drum rack, so that anyone could compose an ambient chord progression easily. There are 26 chords and 13 phrases/sounds that have been processes through 6 different signal chains. In addition to this we've included 19 progression loops to get you started.

24-bit WAV files, Royalty Free

Alpha Bundle: $327 Value
​3 Bonuses: $103 Value
Instant Access: Our products are delivered immediately
Royalty Free: All samples are 100% royalty free