GS-2018 - Kontakt Synth Library

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GS-2018 is a Kontakt library created of 100% analog synthesizer sounds. A vintage analog mono-synth was sampled across the keyboard (for each oscillator), and the common analog synthesizer controls were modeled in Kontakt. You can choose your oscillators, detune them, pan them, mix them, saturate them, and even add noise. We included two ADSR’s, a selectable LFO, a LPF, a HPF, delay, reverb, vibrato, and a custom scripted dual sequencer synced to your DAW clock tempo.


In addition to the main instrument there is a ‘Touch’ instrument, where you can control how velocity and aftertouch MIDI data map to various controls. To further sweeten the pot we’ve created 4 more sound designed instruments featuring high resonance, plucks, vibrato, and saturated ring modulation. This library is full of analog richness, and the non-linearities you’d expect from a vintage analog synth.



Included in GS-2018:

Total Sample Size - 680MB

  • 823 Samples
  • Over 75 Snapshot Presets
  • Analog Synth GUI to Match the Analog Sound
  • Touch Instrument
  • 4 Sound Designed Instruments
  • Custom Dual Arpeggiators
  • Open script for all you KSP scripters out there!
  • Features:
  • Master .NKI and 5 Designed .NKI’s
  • Two tunable, mixable, and pan-able oscillators
  • 4 selectable waveforms for each oscillator
  • Two ADSR’s for VCA and VCF (with VCF ENV depth)
  • Switchable LFO synced to your host tempo (with mod depth)
  • Vibrato depth and rate control
  • 4-pole LPF and HPF
  • Delay, Reverb, and Saturation Controls
  • Custom dual arpeggiators for LPF cutoff and resonance
  • Noise source


More Info:

Recorded at 24 Bit and 44.1kHz

Full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above is required (will not work in Kontakt Player)


Tons of Presets - Collaboration

To show you the potential of what GS-2018 can do, we teamed up Jetfire Prime to make some presets. Combined with the Genera Studios presets this makes for a total of over 75 snapshots ranging from ambience, to bass, to sequenced patterns. We highly recommend you check out Jetfire Prime’s music at the link below!


Jetfire Prime


Custom Dual Sequencer

If you’re into sequenced patterns on your patches, you’ll love our dual filter sequencer. With it you can create some incredible pulsed patterns on top of the notes you’re playing. When activated both sequencers will run at a selectable rate synced to your host’s tempo, but only while notes are playing. The sequencers control the LPF cutoff and resonance, and can be anywhere from 1-32 steps.