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Samples are an incredibly important part of modern music production, and free sample packs are a great way to fill in your collection. Sometimes they can be hard to find as they're spread across many, many different websites. Thats why i've put together this list of free sample packs, so you can spend less time searching and more time producing.

I'll be adding more to this list over time as I discover more, but currently its probably tens of thousands of samples! Enough to keep you busy for a very long time.







Cymatics - Free Download Vault

No discussion of sample packs (especially free sample packs) would be complete without talking about Cymatics. They have a large amount of free packs available on their site, but if you want the most free samples I would recommend subscribing to their email list as they usually send stuff out almost monthly.

Genera Studios - Free Samples and Kontakt

Here at Genera Studios we're releasing new free content monthly! Also if you subscribe to our mailing list we send out additional free content.

Samplephonics - Free Sample Packs

I didn't hear of this company until recently with their new Noiiz platform, but they also offer a lot of free sample packs.

Free Sample Packs - A whole website of free sample packs

Soundpacks - 14 Pages of Free Sample Packs

This list of free sample packs is insane, 14 pages long in fact! Many genre's, and they also offer free presets.

Free Metal Screams - 10 Metal Screaming Vocal Samples

TheSample - 1000's of Free Drum Samples

Free Ableton Live Set - Operator Only Song

This pack offers an Ableton Live set of a song made with only Ableton Live's Operator instrument. It also includes samples and loops from the track for those without Ableton Live.

Free Bass House - List of Wobbles and More

SoundShock List - Top 10 Free Vocal Sample Packs

Hugh Palmer - Free Foley Pack (300 samples)

Sound Shock - Top 10 Free Trap Sample Packs

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