Have A Vocal Related Question?

Have A Vocal Related Question?

I feel your pain. Years ago I struggled to find the questions I needed answers and there wasn't quite the online presence for vocals back then as there is now. The Andrew Southworth YouTube channel has its roots in screaming and singing lessons, and I plan to support as many questions as possible to help the current beginning singing generation become masters at their craft. Here are a few ways you can ask for help:

1. Comment on the YouTube video with your question and i'll try my best to help. Often other vocalists will try to help in the comments!

2. Record a video or audio file, upload it somewhere online, and send it to me on Twitter (@southwortha), the contact page, or the contact email listed on this site (

For the fastest help with a video or audio file I would advise going through Twitter as I check that more frequently than my emails. It also gives me the opportunity to answer the question publicly which can help other vocalists. By default if you email me with your video or audio file I will assume you have no problem with me answering your question in a future video, and I may share that video/audio file in the video for educational purposes. If you do not want this, just let me know and I won't share it!

3. If the question you have is related to a Blog post on this site, post the comment on the blog post asking for help. This also allows me to reply in a way that will help as many people as possible.

This is not my day job, so I only have so much time I can spend answering questions (or making videos, updating the website, etc). So I will do my best, but please be respectful of my free time as I don't get much after working full time.

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