How To Promote Your Single BEFORE It's Released | 2020 Music Strategy

How To Promote Your Single BEFORE It's Released | 2020 Music Strategy

How do you promote your single before it's released in 2020? This video kicks off a series where I show you the entire music promotion strategy for my upcoming single 'You'. In this particular video we'll cover the process overview, things you need to get done right away, the release schedule and the social media content strategy.  

Promoting your music before its released is weird because you don't have anything to push people to, so you have to be willing to create secondary content that isn't your actual song. Think outside the box here and get creative. You can't afford to wait until release day to start your music marketing strategy.

The overall strategy here is: 

  • Tease the song
  • Build the list
  • Drive traffic
  • Optimize

This video covers the start of the tease the song process, along with steps you need to accomplish before you start including submitting your song to distributors 3-4 weeks ahead of time, creating a Spotify for Artists account, and getting the Spotify link ahead of time.

Then we dive into a detailed social media content strategy to promote your upcoming single. This may sound aggressive, but I propose 39 pieces of social media content for your single. 


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