Music Facebook Ads vs Spotify Playlist Promotion

Music Facebook Ads vs Spotify Playlist Promotion

Should you use Spotify playlist promotion to promote your next single? Or maybe Facebook ads? I've done both, and i'll share my results with you. One provides high volumes of cheap streams, but no access to fans and horrible song engagement. The other provides more expensive up-front cost, but much higher follow rates and song saves, and you'll get on more playlists, and you'll gain social media followers.

Spotify playlists are touted as the holy grail of music marketing in 2020. As a result many artists rely on it solely to promote their music, and get mediocre results. In my most recent Facebook/Instagram ad campaign I achieved greater than 10X the result I was getting through playlist promotion, AND it cost less.

Compared to Spotify playlist promotion, the FB ad campaign:

  • Had a 10X higher save ratio
  • Increased 40 followers in a week
  • Added the song to 43 playlists
  • Increased my social media followers
  • Gave me audience data for retargeting

 If you want to see an in-depth look, including my Spotify for Artist's data comparison you can see it all in this video.


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