Where To Get Free Kontakt Instruments?

Where To Get Free Kontakt Instruments?

Many people have asked me online where to get great free Kontakt instruments. Here at Genera Studios we have a free Juno-106 Kontakt instrument, but if you produce music you probably want to have dozens or hundreds of Kontakt instrument.

Recently we came across an excellent website called FLStudioMusic which has links to hundreds of free Kontakt instruments released over the years. They also link to free samples, loops, plugins, presets, MIDI, and more. The internet has more free music content than you could ever hope to use in a lifetime, but the problem is its not always easy to find. FLStudioMusic makes it easy to find these gems.

One of our favorites they featured recently is River Harp by Performance Samples. Its almost 2GB in size with multiple dynamic layers and 2 mic positions.

Another excellent source of Free Kontakt Instruments is of course Google! There are a ton of websites that give 'Top X Free Kontakt Libraries' articles. One great list we came across in our research was a Top 10 list on Production Music Live.

WavesFactory is a Kontakt Instrument and Plugin developer that offers 6 free Kontakt Instruments and 2 free plugins.

iDesignSound has an excellent list of the Best Free Kontakt Libraries for 2018 on their website. Their blog is a great source of other free music content and music production news.

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