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EQ is the most important plugin in any mix, and aside from volume and panning it is your primary method of cleaning up your mix. In this blog post we're going to talk about how to EQ anything and how to clean up your mix with a simple electronic music example. If you follow this easy 3 step process you won't have to worry about memorizing EQ charts, and you'll be able to mix any genre of music and any instrument. At the end of this post is a video that demonstrates this process. For those of you who are just...

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I recently tried to figure out how to implement some of the new KSP features in Kontakt 6, and hit a wall when trying to implement the new UI_Wavetable control. Scripting the wavetable position onto a slider was easy, but for some reason making a visible wavetable would not work. So to save you some time, here's a brief explanation of how to implement UI_Wavetable and also how to make a wavetable position knob. The new KSP reference manual for Kontakt 6 does have a section on UI_Wavetable, but they left something out - how to actually map the UI_Wavetable...

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Do you want to route MIDI from Logic Pro X to hardware synthesizers? In this step-by-step tutorial we'll show you how - don't worry, its very easy. Logic Pro X External Midi to Hardware: This is the case where you want to control an external piece of gear with MIDI programmed into Logic Pro X. We use this so we can program MIDI parts in Logic, and then later route the MIDI through various instruments to record. For example, you can program a synth lead and then use the MIDI to record your Behringer Model D without having to physically...

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