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Are you trying to get an overhead camera shot for your YouTube channel or Instagram? It seems easy to do, but you can't do it with most equipment you might already have. In this post i'll show you my exact overhead camera rig. The beauty of this setup is that all of the equipment can be repurposed if you're not shooting overhead. C-Stands are very popular for holding lights or microphones, and Joby heads can be mounted onto a lot of different things.  Neewer C-Stand - $140 The main item thats supporting your camera overhead is something known as a C-Stand....

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I went to NAMM 2020, and it was my first time every attending NAMM. I wanted to share what its like and how you might be able to also go to NAMM. Here's my video on the matter:    How do you go to NAMM?  You have to be in the music industry in some way. If you make music gear, hardware or software, or if you own an online or physical music store you can go. If you are in media, either a music magazine, blog, or have your own YouTube channel you can go. If you're sponsored by...

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Qu-Bit has announced 4 very exciting Eurorack modules during NAMM 2020. There is Surface, Data Bender, Aurora, and Cascade. I got a pretty great demo at NAMM by a dude named Robot, and I can't wait for these modules to hit stores! Surface is a multi-timbral physical modeling voice. Its output ranges from plucked strings and marimbas, all the way to FM drums. Each model features stereo outputs and up to eight unique voices that can be active at a time. Physical Modeling Voice Multi-Timbral 8 Voice Polyphony Stereo outputs Size: 10HP MSRP: $299 ETA: March 2020   Data Bender...

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