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Recently I went through the process of releasing physical copies of my music for the first time, and in this process I had the joy of learning about Gracenote. What is Gracenote? - I hear you ask. Well... I hope you're strapped in for something that seems incredibly stupid in 2019.  To make it very simple, have you ever wondered how iTunes and other audio players on your computer seem to understand what songs and artists are on that CD you just bought? If you're like me and use Spotify, you might have forgotten about that entirely! Well, that 'technology'...

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If you just got a new TubeBuddy account, or one day you went to log in only to find the dreaded 'TubeBuddy Sign-in Required, Click Here' message only to click it and be brought back to the same page with it still asking you to sign-in! Its very frustrating and there isn't an answer online, so here's my solution to hopefully help some people out. Since i'm using Chrome thats what i'll be using here, if you use another browser hopefully the steps are similar. Click the TubeBuddy extension 'TB' at the top of Chrome and in the dropdown click...

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