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Native Instruments has released a new version of their massive collection - Komplete. I'm always SO excited when NI announces one of these, because its always a great chance to get tons of new products for dirt cheap. This time they pushed the boundaries even further by offering 900 GB of sounds in their new Ultimate Collectors Edition, an absolutely staggering amount of instruments, plug-ins, and samples. In the image below you can see the various options NI is offering for Komplete 12. They have Select, regular, Ultimate, and Ultimate Collectors Edition. This time around they're including Expansions, which are...

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I feel your pain. Years ago I struggled to find the questions I needed answers and there wasn't quite the online presence for vocals back then as there is now. The Andrew Southworth YouTube channel has its roots in screaming and singing lessons, and I plan to support as many questions as possible to help the current beginning singing generation become masters at their craft. Here are a few ways you can ask for help: 1. Comment on the YouTube video with your question and i'll try my best to help. Often other vocalists will try to help in the...

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Samples are an incredibly important part of modern music production, and free sample packs are a great way to fill in your collection. Sometimes they can be hard to find as they're spread across many, many different websites. Thats why i've put together this list of free sample packs, so you can spend less time searching and more time producing. I'll be adding more to this list over time as I discover more, but currently its probably tens of thousands of samples! Enough to keep you busy for a very long time.             Cymatics -...

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